Sailors, shipmen, crafters of strange devices! Do you have the skills necessary to navigate your submarine through the hazardous menace of the mafia sharks? It all began with a fairytale story…

“One day, in a land far, far away, our submarine was fishing in the sunshine. With sausage bait, he attracted a poor little shark. Actually he was not quite so little, let’s call him a stupid and unlucky fellow. A friendster shark was forced to watch his friend learn his last lesson. He was terribly disturbed from having witnessed such a terrible event! In desperation and anger, he saw no other option. He traveled to the shark’s lair to tell his shady friends. Now, these were not just any friends, these were the mobster sharks. The secret mafia clan was performing their suspicious activities deep down in their cave. Word of the terrible event spread, and all of the sea denizens decided to put an end to this submarine terror. Alerted to this sudden threat, the submarine fled towards free waters. To complete this epic escape, our hero must endure increasingly dangerous seas. Will our device be a “subvivor” of the fittest?”


Enjoy controlling the submarine with a hybrid accelerometer and touch control. Fire a missile with a single tap, or a special power-up with a double tap on the screen. Pick your favorite weapons and touch the corners of the screen to remove the UI.

Upgrade your submarine with 60 upgrades from the island shop, gear up with weapons, special power-ups and enhancements to your submarine.

Play 24 unique levels in 6 distinctive worlds. Can you avoid the pirate piranhas, exploding chain mines, and transparent fish? Fight giant squids, evil subs and tridents in Atlantis. Will your submarine get stuck in the reefs or dissolve in the dark and unknown waters of the “Deep” level? Will the volcano stones manage to put your shiny steel vessel out of business?

Amazing original orchestral soundtrack creates a unique atmosphere with its beautiful melodies and scores. Enjoy an epic full choir in the Atlantis level. The rockin’ pirate track will enhance the game play experience even further.

Challenge the angry fish, the giant squids, jellyfish, pirate piranha, light fish, transparent fish, chain mines, spike bombs, chain mines, tridents, sharks, shrimps, lava stones and stingrays in this amazingly fun game. Will you be brave enough to encounter them all?

Gear up, select a level, and prepare for entering the submarine of your dreams in what is certainly the most fabulous submarine game of all time. Moving around and dodging enemies is just a swipe away. Fire missiles, torpedoes and homing missiles with a simple touch. Use the extra special power-ups to launch a missile strike, a nuclear blast, magic fireballs or a time freeze. Controlling a submarine has never been easier or more fun than this!