In a remote tropical island, there lives a collection of monsters. They live for Milkshake, and for Milkshake only. Their whole existence is based around this delicious drink, which they cannot survive without. Do you wish to make the cute monsters happy by helping them drill for Milkshake?

Like a classic puzzler, connect the straws to fill the monster's glass with their favorite flavor. But you have to hurry, before time runs out! Your job, is to help the Milkshake enthusiast connect the pipes underground, so you can serve him his favorite drink of all time!

Can you navigate through locations like the Vanilla Bay, Chocolate Lake and Strawberry Volcano?


  • Unique Puzzles
  • Original Music
  • Tropical Scenery
  • Cute Milkshake Monsters
  • Fun Animations and Sound Effects
  • Game Center leader boards and Achievements
  • New updates forever!

Come join the Milkshake Monsters in their journey and enjoy yourself!