Its the Year of the Snake Game so be sure and enjoy this classic throwback to the retro days of gaming fun! Your job is to eat sushi and grow in size and speed to get the high score. Don’t crash into the wall or you lose! 

We created this iPhone version to celebrate the chinese new year of the black water snake! Now you can slither around in a blue ocean for a bit. This will be a year of chilling out and also being smart. 

The early snake gets the sushi, so be sure and play this for good luck! 


  • Classic Snake Game Fun 
  • Chill music 
  • Sounds 
  • Oceans
  • Sushi 
  • Scoreboard 
  • New updates forever! 

Don't mess around with other snake games...they bite!

Play Snake Game Online here, or click any of images below:

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